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Nature’s Reflections offers custom taxidermy services in the Traverse City, MI area and beyond. We provide services for all specimens and types of mounts. 


Hi, I’m Jim Haveman. For over 40 years, I have worked as a wildlife biologist, conservationist, and consultant; and am now retired from a career with the federal government. Recreation for me has always involved the outdoors – hunting, fishing, hiking, and taxidermy. Those activities enjoyed with family and friends are my lifetime passion.

I’ve been doing custom taxidermy now for nearly 4 decades and am privileged to create mounts from around the world and throughout the state of Michigan. My work includes all mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles – partial or full mounts, as well as, replicas. You can expect attention to subtle detail, technical precision in the studio, and an artistic eye. Whether traditional or custom mounts, I promise you my best effort and affordable quality.

Over the years I’ve come to understand that my taxidermy is really about the preservation of moments and memories – the retelling of good times afield, great adventures, fine achievements, and the savoring of friendships shared. That truth inspires and differentiates my work. Is there a special memory or story I can preserve for you?

I look forward to meeting you and to the privilege of sharing my passion with you.

Jim Haveman

Price List - January 2017 Subject to change

Ducks $325
Canada, Snow or Blue Goose 500
Grouse, Pheasant 275
Woodcock, Quail 225
Turkey (Lifesize) 595
Turkey (Head & Shoulder) 395
Turkey (Fanned Tail Mount) 95 – 325

* Driftwood & Bases Extra

White Tail & Mule Deer $550
Deer Pedestal Mount With Stand 990
Elk 1,200
Caribou 1,200
Moose 1,600
Antelope 550
Black Bear 475
Mountain Goat 1,100
Bighorn Sheep 1,100
Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Lynx 370

* Open Mouth Mounts Extra

Squirrel, Mink, Rabbit, Hare, Weasel $350
Raccoon, Beaver 550
Fox, Otter 650
Bobcat, Coyote,Lynx 750
Deer 3,290
Black Bear 3,290
Mountain Lion 3,500
Mountain Goat 4,000
Sheep 4,200
Caribou 5,900
Elk 5,900
Moose 9,000
Grizzly Bear 5,900
Brown Bear 5,900
Wolf 2,200

* Open Mouth Mounts & Bases Extra

Black Bear (Per Linear Foot) $180
Grizzly (Per Linear Foot) 230
Fox, Raccoon 450
Bobcat 650
Coyote 725
Wolf 1,100
Mountain Lion 1,200
Open Mouth Mounts are extra 390

* Open Mouth Mounts Extra

Fish (Per Linear Inch) $14 – 25

* Driftwood & Bases Extra

Deer Hides Tanned With Hair On $190
Antler Mounts (Deer) 150
Antler Mounts (Elk, Caribou) 250
Antler Mounts (Moose) 350
European Mounts (Deer) 275
European Mounts (Elk, Caribou) 490
European Mounts (Moose) 590
Skulls (Small Mammal) 95
Skulls (Bear) 140
Skulls (Deer) 195
Skulls (Elk, Caribou) 400
Skulls (Moose) 500

Federally protected song birds/raptors require permits. No pets accepted.